Permit Procedure: Here are the steps to obtain the Enhanced Permit

  1. After completing the class I will give you fingerprint cards.
  2. Take fingerprint cards to the Sheriff's Office in the county in which you live, get fingerprint background check done. Fee is $43.25.
  3. After you fingerprint check comes back, return to Sheriff's office to pay $100 permit fee and receive temporary permit.
  4. Your blue SD Enhanced Pistol Permit will be sent to you in the mail.


The South Dakota Enhanced Carry Course fulfills the requirement of a Qualified Handgun Course. 

NewPermit Map Oct 2018


In 2015 the South Dakota Legislature created the Enhanced Carry Permit. The purpose of the new permit was an effort by lawmakers to allow citizens an option to apply for a concealed pistol permit that would be recognized by states with stricter permit requirements. Minnesota and Nebraska do not accept the regular permit but do accept the Enhanced Permit if the permit holder is 21 or older.

Requirements to obtain the South Dakota Enhanced Carry Permit

For both regular and enhanced permits the applicant must meet the following requirements (SDCL 23-7-7.1):

Is eighteen years-of age or older;
Has never pled guilty to, nolo contendere to, or been convicted of a felony or a crime of violence; Note: "Crime of violence" is defined in SDCL 22-1-2 (9)
Is not habitually in an intoxicated or drugged condition;
Has no history of violence;
Has not been found in the previous ten years to be a "danger to others" or a "danger to self" as defined in SDCL 27A-1-1 or is not currently adjudged mentally incompetent;
Has physically resided in and is a resident of the county where the application is being made for at least thirty days immediately preceding the date of the application;
Has had no violations of chapter 23-7, firearms control, 22-14, unlawful use of weapons, or 22-42, controlled substances; marijuana, constituting a felony or misdemeanor in the five years preceding the date of application or is not currently charged under
Is a citizen of the United States or legal resident; and
Is not a fugitive from justice.

In addition to the above requirements, the enhanced permit also requires:

A copy of the applicant's fingerprints for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any governmental agency or entity authorized to receive such information, for a state, national, and international criminal history background check;
An authorization to run a fingerprint background check;
A separate payment for the cost of processing the fingerprint background check;
Proof that the applicant has successfully completed a qualifying handgun course as defined in SDCL23-7-58 within the preceding twelve months or proof that the applicant is a current or former South Dakota law enforcement officer.
The sheriff shall forward the copy of the applicant's fingerprints, the applicant's authorization for processing a fingerprint background check, and the payment for the fingerprint background check to the Division of Criminal Investigation for processing (SDCL 23-7-53). 

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