While many excellent rifles, shotguns, and their accouterment were announced and shown off, I'm really only interested in the pistols right now. Here are the handgun highlights.

Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7

Smith Wesson MP 57

Who doesn't love a 5.7x28 pistol? There aren't that many. The original FN Five-seveN was first, but then finally in 2019 the Ruger 57 came out with their much more affordable pistol. Since then a few other companies have rolled out a model chambered for the cute little rifle cartridge (yes, I meant cute). Now Smith & Wesson has joined the club.

The most interesting about the M&P 5.7 is that it not only comes with a threaded barrel standard, it is also cut for an optic. The MSRP is $699 but will likely hit the street for right around $600.


Oracle 2311

Photo Courtesy TheGunBulletin via Twitter

Probably the single most interesting pistol featured at SHOT Show is easily the Oracle Arms 2311. If the gun looks familiar and unfamiliar at the same time don't worry, you aren't crazy. Oracle created what is essentially a mashup of a Sig Sauer P320 and 2011. It uses parts from both platforms and P320 magazines. 

I still can't get over how the frame has the look of a P320 with a 1911-style trigger in it. It is a pretty cool gun with an MSRP of $1,700 - $3,000. Oddly enough, Oracle Arms doesn't even have a full website yet. It's coming though according to the static page they currently have up.

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Beretta 80X Cheetah

Beretta 80x Cheetah

Beretta released the 80X Cheetah. I want to hate this gun, I really do. But I'm a sucker for Beretta pistols, and this bronze-finished one looks fantastic.

It's a compact DA/SA chambered in .380 Auto. The .380 is why I want to hate it, not because it is a bad cartridge, but because I hate getting .380 brass stuck in my reloading press when I'm loading 9mm and they look too much alike. But I digress.

The Cheetah resembles the 92X Performance in that it has very similar grips and a frame-mounted ambidextrous safety. It is also optics-ready like every pistol should be nowadays. This little beauty has an MSRP of $999.


Glock 47 and Glock 20/21 Gen5


When Glock released the G19X, and subsequently the G45, which has the grip and magazine capacity of the G17 and the barrel and slide of the G19, I was one of those people who said "I'd rather have the reverse! Gimme a 17 slide and a 19 grip!" Well, years later still haven't quite done it. The Glock 47 is essentially a G17 with a shorter dust cover. If a headshrinker got a hold of a G34, you get the G47. It uses the G17/34 17-round magazines. It isn't anything super cool or innovative, but it looks different. And for a Glock that's saying something.

Glock 20 Gen5

Glock also announced the large frame guns, the G20 in 10mm and G21 in .45 ACP, are getting the Gen5 treatment. Both will come with the MOS plate for an optic, the improved barrel, flared magwell, and a generally smoother trigger. Of course, the 10mm is the correct choice here.

Holosun 507 Competition

Holosun 507 Competition

Okay, so this is not a pistol, but I'm pretty excited about it. The Holosun 507 Competition is a green dot optic that has the usual 2 moa dot, an additional 8 moa ring around the dot, to simulate a larger dot, and then also the 32 moa ring. Each of these reticle features can be individually used and cycled through. I'm a big fan of the 507C V2 and this larger version will be great if you're a gamer or just want a larger window. The biggest advantage of a larger window is just being able to find the dot more easily.



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