Want to take an Enhanced Permit Class but want to make a fun event out of it? I have put on private classes hosted by clients in their homes dozens of times. It's really quite simple.


All you have to do is get a group of friends together to take the class and coordinate a date that works for all of you. Then select a location for that class, which usually is at someone's home in the living room, out in the garage, or even in a meeting room at their place of employment. The best way to do it has been to go to someone's farm or acreage, do the class in the house, and then go outside and shoot.

Some classes will use a regular range to do the shooting after doing the classroom portion at a home or office. Some also do it over two evenings during the week if they are busy on weekends. It's entirely up to you, as long as I am available.

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If you want to use your farm or acreage for the shooting portion of a class, it must have a safe backstop. This means all bullets must land on the side of a hill, the bank of a creek, or anything with a high enough backstop to ensure there is no danger of bullets getting away in an unsafe manner. A couple of farmers even stacked up hay bales to create a safe backstop for classes hosted at their farms.


The larger your group, the cheaper it gets per person. A private Enhanced Class requires at least two people.

Cost per person

Students Cost per Student
2-3 $200


9+ $100

If you would like to book a private enhanced class, or private group class of any kind, call or email Andy. I can happily answer any of your questions.

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